Monday 22nd December – Altogether now…

As Kath mentioned in yesterday’s post, Marty the SMART Brailler has made it to Lennie’s nursery with him. Sharon and Lennie’s key worker Marcia set Marty up amidst the hubbub, where he and Lennie were able to put on a show for a couple of his classmates…

All of the people who have worked with Lennie at his nursery have been fabulous, particularly in the way they have made sure Lennie is included in group activities: Marty’s visit proved to be an excellent opportunity to include others in a “Lennie activity”. Having recently been feeling anxious about whether he is making friends and interacting with his peers, to hear and see such a great instance of Lennie taking the lead, and introducing classmates to an aspect of his world, was really wonderful.  It builds our confidence that he is developing the social skills which will – along with his technologically-assisted mastering of Braille –  equip him for as independent a life as possible.

Marty has been visiting other families too – more about the brilliant backpacking brailler here


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